Pakistan Elections- Whats going on?

Saturday, 11th of May, 2013 is the day on which the future of Pakistan will be decided. The fate of the entire nation hangs in the balance in what is called by some as the most ‘critical’ general elections in the history of Pakistan. And it seems that it is going to be a three horse Race in elections this time around with the Pakistan Tehrik-e-insaaf challenging the usual forerunners for the government, PPP and PML-N. It also seems that this election is not just a race between three parties but also three every different ideologies as all three of these parties have very different agendas, or at least that is what they project.
On one hand we have PTI that talks about new beginnings and resurgence that will put the country on the track of ‘political stability and social Harmony’ and is aspiring to create a ‘modern Islamic society’ while on the other hand the PML-N has termed the ‘renovation of economy’ of Pakistan as its top most priority. And it seems that the third party in this Trio, the Pakistan People’s Party, has not been operating on a single set agenda ever since it came into power in 2008 and unfortunately very little has changed in that regard for PPP. One thing’s for sure that PPP has deviated from the vision of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and this has been the cause of a lot of confusion among the party ranks.
As the election date draws nearer we see the usual ‘horse trading’ as politicians switch parties and new alliances being made as every one is looking to play their cards right to make sure that they don’t get left behind. At the same time the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court are playing their part in ensuring fair and free elections and making sure that the candidates are evaluated properly before being given the green light. So, come 11th May it doesn’t matter which ideology prevails the important thing is that the process of democracy has continued uninterrupted and lets hope it can survive for another 5 years.

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