Payment Methods

We support the following payment options:

1. Cash On Delivery

Using this service, you can pay cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order. This service will enable you to shop at Azmalo conveniently and hassle free.
When you make a purchase using the Pay at Doorstep option, your product will be booked. Our Customer Care Expert will call to confirm your Order before it gets dispatched. You can pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order.

2. Advance Payment

We offer the ability to make an advance payment for sellers that demand a certain amount of advance before dispatch of goods. In this case you can make a bank payment into the account of the seller. The seller, upon receiving the advance dispatches the item and the rest of the payment can be made to the delivery agent.

3. Azmalo Safe Payment

Using this service you can deposit money directly into the Azmalo bank account; once the item has been received at your end we release the payment to the seller, ensuring safe transactions and trustworthy service for buyers. The Azmalo Safe Payment serves to provide comfort and trust for both buyer and seller. For more information click here

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